Knowing the map is different than knowing the terrain

Much like a stormy sea, navigating your financial situation comes with unforeseen challenges. You know your business, and your recognize the issues, but you don’t know what’s causing the undercurrent. That’s where we come in.


Crisis Management:

It’s not about changing seats on the Titanic.


A Holistic Approach

In the past 5 years, we’ve worked with more than 100 distressed companies. Many times, the business owners came to us believing they were making one last perfunctory stop before officially filing bankruptcy. We’re delighted to report that so far, this has not been the case. Every single company we’ve helped is still in business today.

If your company is in crisis, on the verge of crisis, or if you’ve lost revenue in the past 12 months, please keep reading to find the ways we’ll work with you to steady your ship and navigate confidently toward a better destination.

business Restructuring

Did a chill just run up your spine? Unfortunately, a lot of consultants package their recommendations on which members of your team are expendable as a ‘reorganization plan’. The fact is you don’t need to hire someone to identify payroll as an expense and tell you firing everyone will help you cut costs.

From our perspective, it’s not a solution. It’s reckless advice that runs contradictory to our entire business model. We believe employees are your most valuable asset. By restructuring, we mean rigorously evaluating your process. We look at your systems to identify bottlenecks, what opportunities remain unleveraged, and areas where we can reduce redundancy. After completing our evaluation, we work directly with you and your staff to implement our recommendations.



We consistently bring companies from an under 50% utilization rate to more than 80% utilization.

fraud and forensic accounting

We understand both the urgency and delicacy of situations that require this set of services. Our full suite of forensic accounting services includes digital data mining, financial statement reconstruction, and economic damage calculations. As seasoned professionals, we also provide expert witness testimony in criminal matters and litigation. If you suspect there’s wrongdoing on behalf of your company, your non-profit or your estate, we can help.



We’ve helped several companies investigate, identify and recover lost and missing assets.

strategy, planning and implementation

Meetings, emails, putting out fires… these time-consuming activities plague every business owner, and they’ll continue to be a part of your everyday job. However, your true work is strategic rather than tactical. We augment your operational efforts so that your business can not only recover from financial crisis and become solvent, but is set to scale. At a high-level, our process is threefold.

First, we conduct a financial and systems audit to determine your baseline.

Next, we review the results with you. Together we’ll discuss the problems we’ve identified, the potential problems that exist within the problems, and finally, their likely causes. From here, we review your goals and formulate the next best steps.

Lastly, we bring you an actionable plan. We customize solutions for your company that serve the immediate and long-term needs for you and your employees. In some situations, this also includes hands-on training and continued check-ins to make sure the changes are having the desired impact. Our bottom line? When you win, we all win.



We have a 100% success rate of returning companies on the verge of or in the midst of financial crisis back to solvency and profitability.

For more information about how our services can benefit your company, let’s talk.