• Help Desk For Your Growing Company

    Posted in Business, IT on Jul 31, 2016

    As your company grows, it becomes harder and harder to manage all of the issues that your employees face every day. These issues range from the complex to the benign things like: “I can't print” or “I don't know how to get this document over to a customer.”

  • Adopting Socially Responsible Values

    Posted in Business on Jul 31, 2016

    It’s imperative for organizations to adopt and promote systems of corporate social responsibility (CSR) with the overall goal of maximizing profits for shareholders. Aligning both stakeholder interests and shareholder interests provides a framework in which both become invested in the long term sustainability of the organization. Corporate governance can act as a function and tool to support CSR. Furthermore, scholars have identified improved financial performance, and reduced risk when corporate governance and CSR are aligned, where the consumers view and perception of an organization that promotes and actively supports CSR are believed to provide higher quality products and services, be more reliable, and more honest than those organizations who are not socially responsible (McWilliams & Siegel, 2000).

  • Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

    Posted in Business, IT on Jul 31, 2016

    It’s amazing how many devices can access the internet in this day and age. Depending on where you are, what you are doing, or what time of day it is, one might be searching the web on their computer, iPad, or mobile device.

  • To Wordpress or not to Wordpress

    Posted in IT on Feb 01, 2016

    Since Wordpress was introduced to the World Wide Web over 10 years ago, it has become a dominant content management system (CMS) currently used by over 70 million websites. This is quite amazing considering it was designed as a publishing tool for bloggers but along the way evolved into a powerful web development platform with thousands of plugins which are used to develop more complex websites including portfolios, business, and eCommerce sites that, in the past, were hardcoded with html/css, php and other web languages.

  • Intellectual Capital in a Learning Organization

    Posted in Business on Feb 01, 2016

    The world is rapidly moving towards an information based economy where knowledge based assets within an organization are important for survival. Intellectual capital plays an important role in whether or not an organization has a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition. In this fairly new economy, an organization’s intangible assets such as knowledge in individuals and organizations determines what an organization is capable of. Therefore, “organizational performance and success depends on how well organization manages its knowledge-based assets”

  • Beware Your Cloud Document Storage

    Posted in Business, IT on Feb 01, 2016

    Do you have a strategy to archive old paper case files? What are you doing with all that paper that is sitting around in your office… you know, the ones from all your old cases, how long do you have to keep them, and what would happen if they landed in the wrong person’s hands? What’s actually in all those papers anyway? Like organizational problems, there’s a system: a fool proof system. Large boxes are stored in the garage until the bottom molds and only then, do you consider tossing it. Whatever your organizational preference may be, I suggest a better way to handle this: cloud storage. I became concerned about security practices of many lawyers after seeing the filing system that they practice, or don’t practice. Initially, documents would be scanned and put into an online drive. But suddenly, questions arise. “Is this a good idea?”

  • Is Your Wordpress Site at Risk?

    Posted in IT on Oct 06, 2015

    Because Wordpress is used to build over 24% of all websites, it has become a target for hackers. This can put your business at risk. But there are steps you can take to secure your website, if you know how. Jeremy Fisher offers these tips to help you stay on top of your security while using Wordpress

  • Technology Boosts Productivity vs. Technology Reduces Productivity

    Posted in IT on Oct 06, 2015

    Productivity as it relates to organizations and workers, is the ability to generate, create or enhance goods or services in the most efficient and effective manner. Information and communication technology is believed to have a positive influence on worker productivity within organizations, where information technology is believed to be a substantial part of the accelerated productivity growth since the mid 1990’s (Jorgenson, 2005).

  • The Relationship between Organizational Strategy, Organizational Structure, and Organizational

    Posted in Business on Oct 06, 2015

    Organizational strategy is a means in which the organization is structured to achieve competitive advantage and navigate around the external environment, in a way the organization can obtain and maintain its competitive advantage and improve performance (effectiveness). Organizational structure is how the organization is best configured to be able to carry out the organizational strategy. Configuration of the organization can be mechanistic, organic or somewhere in-between.

  • Taken Advantage of.

    Posted in IT on Sep 25, 2014

    I'd like to talk about a company we recently worked with as it shows how a small business can get sucked into something because of false impressions and misleading selling tactics. With any business there needs to be some sort of IT management, ways to save your work, a steady internet connection, and computers that work. I was given an opportunity to help a business that "had" these things, and I emphasize the word "had", and they were paying a ridiculous amount to a local IT/security company. I received complaints from the business, Maine Innovations Inc, is their name that they kept losing internet, their data was not syncing, and their server kept going down. I asked the owner of the business and he referred me to a company that they used for IT.